"Alli has had a transformative impact on our young company."  

Alli has had a transformative impact on our young company. She has truly embraced becoming an extended member of our team and approaches everything she takes on with a real sense of ownership and accountability. Alli is both incredibly creative and inherently practical--this unique combination has made all of the projects she has touched from product strategy to branding to marketing and copy fundamentally better. We are an early-stage startup in a constant state of change--Alli always keeps pace and in fact, often sets the pace to help us move faster and push our             thinking further. Her work product is consistently superb and always                                            delivered on time. As such, she is a trusted and highly-valued contributor                                    who we are excited to collaborate with for a long time to come.

                                   SANJAY DESAI I CEO, Mudflap


"Hire Alli."


If you run a business, a startup, or a brand, hire Alli. At Microsoft Cloud design studios in Redmond, we sent her to Herzliya, Israel to help us build out a content strategy and design practice for mobile product UX and marketing in just a month. With one day of onboarding. And she delivered. (Besides being bold and fierce in all the best ways) Alli’s equal parts product strategist, modern marketer, powerhouse brand and communications strategist—and an all-up ninja.

KYLIE HANSEN I Principal Design Manager, Cloud + Enterprise,                                             Microsoft                     


"She had many creative ideas that have been implemented into the product."

As a key team member of a tiny product and marketing group, Alli had a central role in the creation of the Waze product and brand from the ground up. She was responsible for numerous parts of the brand and overall messaging, was 'the voice' of Waze, and in that capacity wrote all collateral, clips, and communications. She had many creative ideas that have been implemented into the product, general marketing and social media and was also responsible for organizing community events and meet-ups as well as recruiting and managing our worldwide PR agencies, and did so in a very professional way. Alli is extremely creative,                                                    responsible and driven. It has been a pleasure to work with her over the                                      past 3 years.

                                  YAEL ELISH I VP Product + Marketing, Waze


"Her collaborative spirit and strategic mind have made her a trusted partner."


They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, Alli's words paint pictures. In an industry of marketing speak, buzzwords and data, Alli has a true talent for bringing emotion and authenticity to both internal and consumer-facing communications. She listens as well as she writes, digesting client goals and internal direction to deliver work that is always on-point. Her collaborative spirit, strategic mind and openness to feedback have made her a trusted partner.

DANA NEUJAHR I SVP, Strategy & Engagement, Something                                                     Massive


"She brought a valuable outside perspective."

Alli is totally kick-ass. We gave her a long list of things we needed help with and from day one she delivered all that we needed without any oversight from us. She also brought a valuable outside perspective as well as strategic feedback that helped us shape our marketing messages and product strategies. I highly recommend her to any team as a long or short term asset!



"Her ability to see and make connections that allow an idea to become reality is unmatched."


Alli was the driving force in the rebranding process of our firm, leading an effort that created an overwhelming positive response from current and prospective clients, and opening an entirely new field of business for our studio. She challenged conventions by drawing from a deep creativity in her strategic approach and was incredibly resourceful in the execution of key strategies. Her ability to go from the 10,000 foot view to the hands-on crafting of messaging all the way to the production of our launch event is unmatched - as is her ability to see and make connections that allow an       idea to become reality.

                                  MARC MERTENS I CEO, A Hundred Years


"She was able to clearly articulate how she could add value to our team and deliver on it."

I was continually impressed with how well Alli can identify user issues beyond messaging in order to provide valuable feedback to design and product. From the first day, she was able to clearly articulate how she could add value to our team and deliver on it. In just a few months she was able to produce a range of work for marketing and product messaging. It was a pleasure to work with someone with such a positive, self-directed, and flexible attitude. 

ZOE BRIDGES I Former Product Lead, Place


"It's so great to work with someone I've got complete confidence in."

Alli is a fantastic person to work with! She's one of the rare people can work on high level brand positioning and strategy one minute and then tighten up copy that's already been through several rounds of revisions the next. It's so great to work with someone that I've got complete confidence in, and I look forward to working with her again.

CHRIS POTTER I Co-Founder, Screenlight


"She brings a sense of purpose to each communication." 

Alli is an insightful brand marketer who has an intuitive sense for positioning, messaging and storytelling. She brings a sense of purpose to each communication and takes serious ownership and pride in her work. Beyond that, she's highly productive and able to move multiple projects forward with a can-do mentality.

STEVE PRETRE I Former CEO, Metromile


"She's able to breathe life into the most mundane topics with elegance and wit."

Alli is a wizard of words, able to breathe life into the most mundane topics with elegance and wit. On top of submitting meticulously crafted stories, Alli is also cooperative, ingenious, resourceful and extremely creative. Alli's innate curiosity, superb intelligence and outstanding people skills are all captivating traits. She's a perennial go-getter and the kind of person who will happily sink her teeth in any challenge she's presented with.

KARIN MEYTAHL I Former Editor-in-Chief, TimeOut Israel


"Alli is a super smart, insightful and creative branding expert."


Alli is a super smart, insightful and creative branding expert, and it was a pleasure working with her. She helped us  with the challenge of communicating our product and value propositions to the market and we benefitted from her perspective, experience and holistic view of our brand. Working together remotely most of the time, I also appreciated how flexible, independent and proactive she was.

SHIMRIT SHIRAN I Product Marketing / Growth Lead, Neura


"She is meticulous and very research-orientated."


We're a startup that wanted to make sure that when people visit our web or mobile pages they clearly understand what we're all about, so we turned to Alli. She came in to help us with this project and immediately made an impact, helping us get our core messaging just right. She is meticulous and very research-orientated. She also assisted us in multiple other ways - helping us to organize the structure of our product itself, its presentation, and developing our brand identity, as well. We definitely plan to continue our work together, as the needs on our end arise.

                                  CHANDRASEKHAR KANDAGADLA I  CEO, EnjoyFresh


"Her wonderful sense of humor is a bonus."

Alli is a rare combination of a "doer" and a "thinker". She's goal oriented, very fast, and the quality of her work is superb. At the same time she is forward-thinking, creative and strongly proactive. Alli is independent, highly dependable, very honest and receptive. Her wonderful sense of humor is a bonus.

ARTHUR FUHRER I Founder and President, Kasamba


"There's no one I'd rather work with than Alli." 

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 1.14.56 AM.png

Alli has a poetic mind and an expert sense of what will 'land' when piecing together an idea. She's also thoroughly impressed by people who read this far down in her testimonials section - kudos! At the end of the day, out of all of the creatives out there, there's no one I'd rather work with than Alli. Not that I have much of a choice in the matter…

ALLI MAGIDSOHN I  Founder, Meaning Maker